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Bad Boy in the Bookstore

by Wendy Welch

When Mary Ferguson’s beloved husband Henry dies, she quits her job at the college to run their bookstore and café in the tiny town of Bramwell, West Virginia. Resigning herself to the quiet life of a widow, Mary receives an email from an old friend of Henry’s—and something deep inside her catches fire. This friendly yet awkward and shy man says he was a fellow Quaker working alongside her husband, visiting lifers in prison whose families couldn’t or wouldn’t visit them.

He is still a good listener, and Mary soon feels alive again. Despite the dire warnings of everyone from her dog, Ringo, to the café’s cook, Paige, Mary throws herself into a dark adventure that could have graced the bookshop’s “Romantic Fiction” shelves. Or was that “True Crime?” As her life plummets down a rabbit hole, Mary struggles to figure out what’s real, what’s imaginary, what’s literary, and what’s going to happen next.


You may purchase Bad Boy in the Bookstore as a .pdf on this site or as an ebook from your favorite online retailer (available 4/15). Do not alter the document. If you sell Bad Boy in the Bookstore for money, the price is US $5. Firm and fixed. Once you buy or barter for this novel, you own the right to sell to as many people as want to buy Bad Boy in the Bookstore from you. Those who buy from you need to receive a copy of these rules so they can sell onward. You may not give the novel away for nothing. Take money or barter for favors (grocery run on your behalf, mow your lawn, whatever). Use this book for yourself or to benefit others as needed in the layoff economy. What you do with the money, what favors you apply to yourself or others, is your choice. I’d love to hear from you how this goes, what you can do for yourself or others using Bad Boy in the Bookstore. Also, if you liked the novel, which is based on a true circumstance. If you don’t like it, of course, don’t tell me.  Stay safe! —Wendy

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